Scholarships and Discounts

For Senior High School

  • For Grade 10 Completers from PUBLIC SCHOOLS – Tuition Fee Subsidy of Php 17, 500.00 through the Voucher Program
  • For Grade 10 Completers from PRIVATE SCHOOLS who are ESC Grantees – Tuition Fee Subsidy of Php 14,000.00

For Alumni and Stakeholders:

Alumni enrolled in the Graduate School – 10% Tuition Fee Discount of 9 Units for 3 consecutive semesters

10% Tuition Fee Discount for 4 years to children of NON-SPUP Elementary and Secondary School Teachers. (Applicable for Teacher èƵ Courses Only)

10% Tuition Fee Discount for children of SPUP Alumni, who are NON-SPUP employees (for First Year College)

Government Scholarships/Study Grants:

  • National/Regional Scholarship Programs
  • Full Merit/Half Merit Scholarship Programs
  • Tulong Dunong Grant-in-Aid Program (CHED-TD)
  • Special Program-Indegenous Ethnic People (SP-IEP)
  • Special Grant on Solo Parent (SG-SP)
  • Student Assistance Fund for èƵ (SAFE)
  • Study Now Pay Later Plan Program (SNPLP)
  • Bin-I ti Agtutubo (Provincial Government Scholarships Program)

SPUP Cooperative Scholarship

SPUP Alumni Association Scholarship

Student Aide Program – Free Tuition Fee (for SASTE and BSBA Courses only)

Contact Information
Office of the Registrar or èƵ Office
St. Paul University èƵ
Mabini Street, Tuguegarao City, 3500
Cagayan, èƵ
Telephone Number: (078) 396-1987 to 1997 loc. 502 or 513