Cultural Exchange Program

The Cultural Exchange Program (CEP) is a comprehensive program for foreign students who would like to have a taste of Paulinian èƵ and experience a new culture, make friends with some Filipino students and improve their English skills in a friendly and family-oriented campus. It is designed to give the cultural exchange student the opportunity:

  1. to appreciate Paulinian èƵ through immersion in actual classes and other activities of the university;
  2. to explore the tourists spots and take an adventure in the caves, mountains, rivers, hot springs, beaches in Cagayan Valley and other places in Northern èƵ;
  3. to learn the unique Filipino culture of smiles, fun and laughter;
  4. to improve their English language skills through he guidance of qualified and experienced tutors;

Components of CEP

The following aspects are the components of the comprehensive CEP:


Classes for English language learning are conducted at the Intercultural Institute for Languages, where the exchange student will be given tutorial classes with friendly and highly qualified ESL Tutors. Initially, a pretest will be given to the student to find out their level and a customized plan for the fast learning of the student will be programmed.


When the student is able to communicate in English already and can be more independent in transacting with other students, he/ she will be assigned to actual classes in the grade/ year level the student is qualified to stay. This would allow the student to get to know more friends, practice his skills in the four macro skills and be in touch with the culture of the Filipino students.


The students are also given time to stay in the library and learn other things and interest in the library and internet facilities of the university. Here, they are given time to be at their own pacing and explore their other interests and also communicate with their friends and family members.


SPUP has other facilities where the students could avail. It has a chapel , which is the center of all the religious activities. This is a place where the students could commune with God and communicate with Him every day. There is also an Olympic –sized swimming pool, football area, basketball court, gymnasium, spa, beauty salon, boutique and other facilities which they could go after their classes for relaxation and physical fitness.


This component brings the students to experience real Filipino hospitality by sharing the weekends with the Filipino hosts. It aims to get in touch with the Filipino culture and traditions and experience how it is to be immersed with a Filipino family.


During the celebration of the fiesta of the City of Tuguegarao and the province of Cagayan, there are lined up activities such as parade, street dancing, bull-fighting, horse racing and the famous pancit  (noodle) –eating contest and other fun fare activities that could thrill a  visiting tourist.  Students could also experience trekking the Callao Caves, the hot springs of Baggao, the white sand beaches of Sta. Ana and the black sand beaches of Gonzaga. They could also visit the miraculous Lady of Piat,the Calvary Hills of Iguig or visit several hundred year-old churches in Cagayan. Nearby are Baguio City, Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur , where you could have long drives and adventure in the curvaceous roads leading these areas. Several caves of interest could also be discovered.

Head, Intercultural Institute for Languages
St. Paul University èƵ
Mabini Street, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan 3500, èƵ
Telephone Number: (078) 396-1987 to 1997 loc. 503