School of Arts, Sciences and Teacher èƵ

The School of Arts, Sciences and Teacher èƵ aims to develop professionals with creative leadership, critical sensitivity to the needs of others and to have a deep sense of the true, the good and the beautiful.

Arts and Sciences graduates are trained to be morally upright, socially committed and professionally competent in the fields of Communication Arts, Natural Sciences, Public Administration, Social Work and Legal Management.

In like manner, Teacher èƵ students are expected to grow in their personal and professional lives and to practice ethical standards of the teaching profession.

With St. Paul, the apostle as their model, SASTE graduates are armed with the heart to teach and to care!

Contact Information
Dean, School of Arts, Sciences and Teacher èƵ
St. Paul University èƵ
Mabini Street, Tuguegarao City, 3500
Cagayan, èƵ
Telephone Number: (078) 396-1987 to 1997 loc. 514, 517 or 518