St. Paul University èƵ (SPUP) is setting a new standard for global education with its International èƵal Immersion program. From May 6 to May 15, 2024, the second batch of Senior High School students embarked on an enriching journey to Singapore and Malaysia. This initiative, in partnership with SMS Phoenix èƵ Consultation and coordinated by Dr. Sri Devi Aynaru and Dr. Nila Noya Garcia, was supervised by chaperones Ms. Darlene Jayella Bacud and Mr. Joseph Bea.

In Singapore, students delved into the world of technology and artificial intelligence (AI). They participated in hands-on sessions with virtual reality (VR) and AI, exploring their applications in fields like tourism, real estate, and education. Visits to local schools showcased advanced teaching methods using interactive smart boards and AI tools, sparking ideas on how to integrate such technologies back home. Entrepreneurial workshops in Singapore further enriched their experience, providing insights into starting and running a business. These sessions fueled the entrepreneurial ambitions of many students, offering practical knowledge and inspiration.

The Malaysian leg of the immersion included diverse educational and industrial visits. The students participated in various hands-on activities in robotics and programming, further developing their technological skills. They also interacted with their Malaysian counterparts, gaining insights into the country’s education system and industries. Visits to significant landmarks in Johor Bahru and participation in cultural exchanges enhanced their appreciation of the ASEAN community. This international immersion program has equipped these Paulinians with invaluable experiences and broadened their perspectives, preparing them to thrive in an increasingly globalized world.